Office Coffee Service

A Better Office Coffee Service

Some companies emphasize the quality of their product at the expense of service. And some just don’t have the quality. At perQs, we have both, including a personal and attentive approach. We personally meet our customers, we staff our phones locally with a live person and we promise to respond to calls within an hour. In addition to restocking your supplies regularly, we provide all your equipment and service or replace it promptly.

Small Office Solutions

We’re not just for the big office or warehouse. We also offer small office solutions customized to your needs. If you brew four or more pots of coffee a day, you may benefit from an office coffee service.

No Thanks, I’ll Send Someone to Get the Coffee

Though it may sound good to send an employee to get the coffee, it may be costing you more than you think. Let’s say that from your office to the nearest big box retailer is 6.9 miles. That’s 13.8 miles round trip, and at $0.51/mile,1 fuel reimbursement would cost roughly $7 for that coffee run. The employee would lose approximately 1.5 hours of work, and at the average hourly wage,2 that amounts to $34.50 in wages going towards a coffee run rather than towards productivity. Including overhead (at 30%) to account for expenses like worker’s comp insurance, unemployment and benefits you pay on top of your employee’s hourly rate, it just cost you $45 in lost productivity. So your coffee run just cost almost $82, and that didn’t include the cost of the coffee! Nor did it factor in the liability incurred by your company when your employee used his or her personal vehicle for business purposes.