A Tallahassee Legacy

In 1978 Dave Pulsifer started Quality Coffee Service and began to build a business based on quality and service. For over 25 years, Dave supplied coffee to Tallahassee businesses, restaurants, hotels and warehouses. If you’ve lived in Tallahassee long enough, chances are you’ve had a cup of his coffee at some point in your life. Dave prided himself on building a family business that would also contribute to the community he called home. With the ability to maintain a personal relationship with customers and respond quickly to their needs, Dave’s company provided a quality coffee service that regional and national competitors struggled to match. The next generation has picked up the mantle.

A Second Generation of Quality

In 2010 the second generation, Brian Pulsifer and Kevin Edewaard, launched perQs Coffee Service, a company founded on the same quality principles that originally grew the business. With the same ethics of quality product, quality service and personal attentiveness, perQs is entering the second generation of a family business dedicated to helping your workplace offer quality perQs to your employees or customers.